Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wherein I post about a bunch of things

So I have a few things today. The first is what spawned the Title of today's entry. I am a blog reader. I read blogs. Not tons of them, a few selected ones. I like them, they make me feel like I get inside that person's head just a little. It's almost like reading someone else's diary. I would never do that to anyone I know, or anyone I don't know for that matter, but I am always curious what other people write about. My sister-in-law let me read her old journals a long time ago and it was interesting to see what someone who seemed so confident was thinking in her own space. Reading blogs satisfies my curiosity about what other people are thinking. Sure they are not always (and sometimes not frequently) the deepest, most real thoughts from the mind of the author. But I like reading blogs that seem more like that than ones about someone cleaning their house and going to work (Zzzzzzz.....)

Yesterday, I am reading a blog that was linked from someone else's blog links, and I go down the page and the writing style is suspiciously familiar. Like this person DEFINITELY reads one of the blogs that I do and is completely STEALING the writing style. A total rip-off! Sure, free country, free speech, etc. But is your life so empty, your brain so small, that you cannot even come up with your own writing style, that you have to plagiarize someone else's?? The poseur blog seems to be written by someone who has a real sense of humor and their own brain. But for whatever reason they are choosing to just lift mannerisms of the other blog's writing almost exactly (like my title today). They are not even crediting the other blog, which is what I would do if I was blatantly lifting style or format from another website or blog. I LIKE some of the stuff I see and read, I want to use those ideas. But I would totally credit the other person, or at least ask them if it was okay. This irks me. Get a life. Y'know?

The other thing I am writing about today is foreplay. Not necessarily foreplay, but kissing; making out; smooching; petting. Whatever you want to call it. Whatever happened to that?! What happened to the days when a kiss does not HAVE to lead to "the act" every single time?! When you could sit in the car and smooch for a few minutes before going inside; when you could sit together on the couch watching a movie and just have some kissing going on and then stop, and continue to watch the movie. Where did that go?! Does it go away once a couple is co-habitating? Is that the clincher? Is it that one of the two people figures, "Hey, there's no one else around to get in the way of going 'all the way' so we might as well"? Or is it just that the couple has advanced past the smooching stage, never to return again? Is it a stage? Do we get past it and then there is only sex? This is a question I have had for years now, because it has happened in two different relationships. I guess I am not going to get an answer, because it's not like I can poll the world here. I was just wondering.

Those are my tangents for the day.

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