Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feeling prolific

There is so much on my mind that I just had to come write some of it down!

I had a great time this weekend! I was surprised, though not too surprised. I was with friends that I love to hang out with; how could I NOT have a good time? Even better, I saw a friend there that I have not seen in months and we got some time to talk as well. We had a good time too.

I talked to my brother who moved far away. He was back here for work for two weeks and was driving his car (and his pets) back out to where he is living now. So he called me from the car seeing as it was just him with no one to talk to for probably about four days. We had a fun talk and he explained some work stuff to me, which was good because I did not understand it all before, and we talked a little. I am still mad that he moved, but it was nice that he called me and I did not have to be the first to call him for a change.

I finished the document that I had to complete. Well, finished enough to send in, although I will have some amendments and additions. But it got in under the deadline anyway, and that was most important.

I am excited about this hobby again. It may not be all bad that the other group is drawing to a close. I mean, it IS all bad!! That is not a question. But the new group seems like it will be an acceptable substitution. I had fun. I was glad that I had fun. I feel relieved.

Now I have to work on losing weight so I can feel less uncomfortable and be less exhausted when I am there. Plus it opens my options in other ways too. I will be getting up earlier in the morning to walk and I will be adding yoga back into my routine. Need to get rid of the floppy arms and build some muscle. Need to stretch this body!

This coming weekend promises to be lots of fun, if not totally stressy at home because I will be gone for most of it. My s.o. and I will likely have a disaagreement, if not a full out fight, about it. I put it all on the calendar, he looked at it last night. There is nothing that he can say about me NOT telling him my plans. My girl-friend is coming up Friday night and we are leaving from my work, that's the deal. He and I can talk about what my plans are, but I am not going to change them. Especially when one thing is for charity and another is for an old friend near my parents' house. So it will be interesting to see how this week unfolds.

Meanwhile, I am going to go write some more addendum for this document and the attachments that will be late, but part of it. More from me this week for sure!!

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