Friday, October 14, 2005

A Weekend To Remember!!

[Disclaimer: All names have been changed to protect the guilty. In fact, as I proofread this, I deny that some of this ever happened! Dreams, nightmares, DT's, bad mushrooms. Wasn't me.]

When we last visited our heroine, she was ready for a knock-down, drag-out fight for going away for the entire weekend. Well, she DID go away for the entire weekend and let's just see if it was all worth it! :-)

Friday my friend (we'll call her "Jane") came to meet me at work. I get out later in the evening, as I work second shift. So we were leaving to go to the first party of the weekend directly from my work. She met me here, changed and prettied up a little, then we got in the car and made the trip. After a little misdirection on the direction-giver's part, we arrived at a friend's house, ready to drink, and sing, and drink some more, and talk and maybe even sing some more. Many of our friends were there and were having a fine old time. Another friend (we'll call him "John") came up to me asking if he should stop drinking, that his wife would normally tell him to stop at this point. Heh. He asked ME if HE should STOP drinking?! Heh. Anyway, knowing that his wife kind of owes me one, I said,"Naaahhh, have another beer or two; you have a ride? Go for it!" At which point I went to the cooler and grabbed him another beer.

All the boys were flirting with "Jane" and they, and she, were having a very nice time of it. I sang a song or two, then drank some more, and sang a few more songs, which I have faint memories of doing.

"John" asked if I had had any of another friend's (let's call him "Joe") knob. I said that I had not, and asked if he had. "John" said that yes, he had had some of "Joe's" knob and that it was great! I was intrigued. "John" asked a girl at the party, let's call her "Tina", if she had had any and she said that she had and recommended it to me as well. Then "John" said to "Joe" that I had not had any of his knob and thought I needed to have some. It was then that the truth was revealed. Knob was a brand of bourbon. I had some of "the knob" and it was VERY good! It reminded me of another cheap bourbon that I have had in the past, which shall remain nameless here. It was good knob!

A conversation was had about being metrosexual and who was moreso than another. That conversation led to another which I was unfortunately not part of with another guy at the party, let's call him "Rob", wherein he spoke of a former girlfriend getting him all dressed up in bondage gear for some reason. Again, I was not there, my friend "Jane" was there and told me of the conversation later. It was unfortunate that I was not there, because I do have quite a crush on "Rob" and it would have been great to be in on that conversation. But, ah well, I was off flirting or drinking, I think.

Then the whiskey came out. This whiskey was AMAZING! It was a tall thin bottle that had been given to the host by one of the guests. It was the most amazing whiskey I have ever tasted! It was made with maple syrup and was just delicious. It was like maple whiskey! I have the tube container that the bottle came in at home, because I just HAD to have the name so that I could get it again! Oooh, this was so good. I had two shots of it and pushed it on to just about anyone that would come near the bottle!

I continued to flirt, with everyone, and also with "Joe". After many of the guests had left for the evening, I decided it was time for fun, so I ran out to the car to get my purple nail polish. I had decided that I needed to paint "Joe's" toenails, and "Jane's" as well. Mine were done, and theirs should be too. This idea probably originated from a comment about my toenails, but I cannot remember at this point. It was very late and I was pretty drunk!

The socks were stripped off, and the toenails were painted. Although "Joe" protested some, he was sitting on a comfy cushion, nestled against "Jane" who was sitting behind him with her arms about him, and I was painting his toenails. I think he was putting on a good show for us frankly. :-) Well, after that was completed and we had let things dry off for a few moments. It was then time to go home.

We bade goodbye to the host, who had retreated with the few straggling guests to his hot tub out back and we took our leave. We went out to the car in the rain and found that we had a parking ticket! Argh! We made our way out to the highway and began the long drive home, in the RAIN! Due to my lack of sobriety and "Jane's" lack of knowledge of the area (she lives in another state) we did not take some of the turns we were supposed to take. But once we had come to a completely different road in the state, heading the wrong direction, I woke up enough to get us back on track. I was tired enough that I fell asleep mid-sentence at one point. "Jane" stopped talking and was waiting for me to finish. She said something like, "don't keep me waiting, what did you say?" and realized that I was, indeed, asleep! So she jolted me awake and I think I continued with what I was talking about. It was a struggle to keep awake and talking, as evidenced by the fact that we made yet ANOTHER wrong turn (or rather missed the turn we should have made). After that, we were on the right road and got home 6:00 AM!!!!!!!!! Heh heh.

We slept until about 1:30 the next afternoon. Then slowly got up and had some breakfast. We had a thing or two to get done, which we did, and got ready in just enough time to get out of the house before my s.o. was due home from work. I wanted to leave before he got home so that I would actually get out of the house without being held up by an argument.

We got on our way, again in the RAIN, and went to the next engagement we had. A fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It was a Texas Hold 'Em game with all the donations at the door being donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina fund. There was also a silent auction which people donated services and items to that people could bid on and get them, the money also being donated to the same cause. Another girlfriend, we'll call her "Lisa", was there and almost ended up winning the night! She came in second, but was beaten by some guy. But earlier in the evening, we were all playing together and having great fun at it! Our other girlfriend, let's call her "Susie" showed up and, previously a blonde, her hair was dark!! She had dyed it chestnut/mahogany brown and it looked fantastic! What a change though, most of the people there did not even recognize her! So the four of us played for a while, then got whittled down one by one. Another friend, let's call him "Bob" was there and was our dealer early in the night, as he had already been knocked out by the time we got there. The night progressed and the game ended pretty early, about 10:30 pm. It had ended much later the last time they had one of these, so we had all sort of expected to be out until later. "Susie" had the night off from her kids, and basically demanded that we go out after this since she had the night out. We decided on a place and had apparently convinced several of the people to come with us, including "John" and his wife, who were the organizers of the charity event. Funny enough, she had heard that I "got her husband drunk" the night before. I laughed and told her the real story and just said that I was the wrong person to ask about that on this particular weekend, as I was out to have a good time. She thought that was funny.

So we all headed to our cars to go and "Rob" almost ditched, but I convinced him to come for one beer. So he did. We convoyed, in the RAIN (have you sensed yet that rain was a main theme here???) up to the bar/club we had decided on. We walked in and immediately felt a whole bunch older than the 18-23, gang-banger, college age crowd. But we went over and got a pool table. We lost a few on the way and it ended up being me, "Jane", "Susie", "Joe", "Rob" and "Bob", and another friend we will call "Mark". "Rob" played one game of pool and then ditched. The rest of us stayed until the place closed.

At one point, we finished a game and the other two girls were up to play the winners. "Mark" went to go get them on the dance floor, but came back with his eyes wide saying, "They're, um...busy." I laughed and thought he was exaggerating, so I went to check myself and saw that he was not. "Jane" was shimmying up and down a guy's leg, arms above her head, looking like she was having a good old time. I could not see "Susie" but decided that they were otherwise occupied. They finished their dance and came back not even 3 minutes later, and we were all giggling about it. We told them what we had seen and they sarcastically thanked us for not coming over to "save" them.

Last call was 1:30, which was puzzling to us all since it is typically 2:00 am, but there was nothing to be done, so we left as they were shoving us out the door into....THE RAIN!!! "Susie" again decided this night was NOT over, not by a longshot, so she asked if everyone wanted to go find a diner to grab some grub. Everyone was in and we drove off in the convoy again. We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts, which confused everyone, but she was stopping to ask if the IHOP that was two exits further north would be okay with everyone. Again, everyone was in and off we went. We got there, happy to be someplace where we were out of the RAIN.

We hung out, had pancakes and other breakfast-y foods. Talked, laughed, joked and talked some more. When all was said and done, it was about 3:30 am when we were leaving the IHOP. Most everyone left and then "Jane" came over to my car asking if I wanted to stay in the area overnight, since it was so late, and it was STILL RAINING. She was going home, so her drive would be 3+ hours in the rain, mine would probably be about 2 hrs. So we decided to stay. Well, "Susie" had gone home, so the only place left to stay was at "Bob's" house. Did I mention that "Bob" is good looking, good with his hands, and has a thing for "Jane" to boot?

So we convoy, AGAIN, IN THE RAIN, to "Bob's" house, near dead tired. We get there, do the bathroom thing, he makes his bed for "Jane" and myself and proceeds to climb on to his futon. Well, as you could guess there is much innuendo and joking at this time of night, after sillyness and some drinking had ensued earlier. Not sure exactly how this happened, but "Bob" ended up IN THE BED! Yes, that's right, we slept (SLEPT, I tell you) with "Bob" nestled between us. Sure, I didn't actually sleep that much, because three people in a queen size bed, not much sleeping going on. But it was the most interesting and fun not sleeping I have done in a LONG time! In the "morning" (I use this term loosely, since, technically it was morning when we WENT to sleep) we sat in bed procrastinating getting up and leaving for the things we had to do that day, myself a baby shower for a high school friend who we will call "Mary". "Jane" had things to do as well, and had the long drive as well. I was going two states away, so I also had a long drive and was convinced by them NOT to stop at home. I did not know whether my s.o. would be home or was working, so that was a random factor. And really, I did not need anything at home, except for the invitation, which I did not really need. So rather than chance a long, nasty argument with the s.o., I decided to leave right from there to the shower.

Eventually, like 2 1/2 hours later, we got out of bed and did the bathroom thing and reluctantly left "Bob's" house. What a nice morning that was. There was much snuggling and warmth in the cozy queen sized bed with the three of us. Mmmmm. Did I mention that "Bob" was cute too?? Mm!

The long drive to the shower ensued (no, the weekend is not over yet, we are only at Sunday MORNING!!!) I eventually got there, halfway there realizing that the shower was set to END at 4:30, not START at 4:30. I missed some present opening and her mother said she got stuck doing my job (I had a job??) and "Mary" could have killed me for mixing up the time. But she was happy I was there anyway, and actually was expecting to maybe see "Jane" with me as well since she reads this here blog and was thinking we would be attached at the hip this weekend. Which, heh, we sort of were. Heh. (Did I mention the sleeping in the queen size bed with the hot guy?)

So I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got to see "Mary's" house!!! She got hers not too long after I got mine and we have not been to see each others' houses yet. Her house was very cool!!! They built a new deck on the front and had vinyl siding put up and are getting those and a few other renovations done before the baby shows up (Knock knock, who's there? It's me, the baby!) :-) They have the coolest cats, and I LOVE their property! The house is going to be so much cooler when the renovations are done! It is a bit of a shambles at the moment, but hey, you should see the renovations being done! I would boycott any cleaning if I had working guys in and out of my house during that too! The deck out front is so nice! I totally love this house! So I went back to the house with everyone (and by everyone I mean her brother and his family, her parents and aunt and a family friend) and we all hung out and talked for a while until her parents were barely awake and they all left. I stayed later, procrastinating leaving until it was just totally clear that I HAD to leave. I stayed and we caught up on stuff, and talked about my hobby activities and my job and them and the house and the kitties and joked about stuff and ate bagels and just had a generally great time! Her husband was making fun of my hobby stuff and we were looking at the website for one of the groups and joking about it. It was very amusing and fun!

As I said, when I could put off leaving no longer, I hopped in the car, again in the goddamned fucking rain, and took off for home. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive from door to door. I got home at about 3:30 am (I think, I was pretty tired.) Climbed into bed and went to sleep.

It was the best motherfucking weekend I have had in a long time! I drank, I partied, I flirted, I ate, I talked, I laughed, I played Texas Hold'Em, I played pool, I danced a little, I sang, I talked and laughed some more, I drove-A LOT, I slept in a bed with a hot guy and my girl-friend, and I got home whenever I felt like it. I had a bachelorette weekend! Hee hee hee. I said above...the names were changed to protect the guilty. Not the least of which is myself. Hence, the name of this blog! :-)

Friday, October 07, 2005

cranky and tired

So I tried to broach the subject twice this week. Wednesday night is "date night" and before we got out of the car I mentioned that my girl-friend was coming up Friday to go out that night. No sooner had I said that did he begin spewing crap about this was the subject we were supposed to have a "discussion" about, and now he guesses there will be no discussion. I tried to discuss it and he abruptly got out of the car - conversation over.

Then last night after we came back from a movie, I mentioned something when we got home, saying there was something we were not talking about, that we were supposed to discuss. I said that I wanted to have a conversation where he and I were both participating in the conversation. He just clammed up and did not say anything else to me. Ball was in HIS court, not mine. So we didn't talk about it. And he went to work this morning, and I came to work. And I am dressed to go out, and my girl-friend is going to meet me here and we are leaving from here. So he will have to deal with it.

He is being such a schmuck that when I sent him a text that my weekly weight check came back and I am 1.4 pounds down, he did not even respond. Thanks for the encouragement.

I don't know what his hours are tomorrow, but hopefully I will not even have to deal with the silent treatment at all. I plan on getting out of the house as soon as I can after having a nice breakfast with my girl-friend. Maybe we can go out and hit the stores or something before heading up to our Saturday night plans. Then Sunday, whether he is working or not, I am going to my Sunday plans as well. I will probably leave my house by about 11:00-ish because it is a few hours away and I want some time to hang out and catch up before things start. I will get home late and we will not talk until Monday. So that should be "exciting".

I am writing a long letter to send to him. I think I will wait until this weekend is over. Leaving him with a bomb like that with no opportunity to talk to me about it would not be very considerate. However, going out with friends, contrary to what he would say, is not being INconsiderate, it is being social. I asked him to come to the Saturday and Sunday plans and he did not answer in the positive. I informed him weeks ago about all three things this weekend. He was not happy about it, but that does not mean I am going to change my plans. This is ridiculous. The more I think about it, the angrier I become. What is the goddamn problem with me going to hang out with friends for a weekend. I know they are friends that he doesn't hang out with, or gets bored doing what we do or whatever. But who the hell ever had a relationship where the two people did NOT have separate friends?! Sometimes when I talk to him about this, he makes me feel like I am the one being unreasonable, but I know I am not. I don't think I am. I know a couple who does not hang out with ANY of each others' friends. He knows her friends, but doesn't like them much, she knows his friends and gets along with them well, but doesn't hang out with them regularly. And they get by just fine. I don't understand why he is being this way.

Anyway, enough of that for one day. I have actual work to do, so off to do that.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Feeling prolific

There is so much on my mind that I just had to come write some of it down!

I had a great time this weekend! I was surprised, though not too surprised. I was with friends that I love to hang out with; how could I NOT have a good time? Even better, I saw a friend there that I have not seen in months and we got some time to talk as well. We had a good time too.

I talked to my brother who moved far away. He was back here for work for two weeks and was driving his car (and his pets) back out to where he is living now. So he called me from the car seeing as it was just him with no one to talk to for probably about four days. We had a fun talk and he explained some work stuff to me, which was good because I did not understand it all before, and we talked a little. I am still mad that he moved, but it was nice that he called me and I did not have to be the first to call him for a change.

I finished the document that I had to complete. Well, finished enough to send in, although I will have some amendments and additions. But it got in under the deadline anyway, and that was most important.

I am excited about this hobby again. It may not be all bad that the other group is drawing to a close. I mean, it IS all bad!! That is not a question. But the new group seems like it will be an acceptable substitution. I had fun. I was glad that I had fun. I feel relieved.

Now I have to work on losing weight so I can feel less uncomfortable and be less exhausted when I am there. Plus it opens my options in other ways too. I will be getting up earlier in the morning to walk and I will be adding yoga back into my routine. Need to get rid of the floppy arms and build some muscle. Need to stretch this body!

This coming weekend promises to be lots of fun, if not totally stressy at home because I will be gone for most of it. My s.o. and I will likely have a disaagreement, if not a full out fight, about it. I put it all on the calendar, he looked at it last night. There is nothing that he can say about me NOT telling him my plans. My girl-friend is coming up Friday night and we are leaving from my work, that's the deal. He and I can talk about what my plans are, but I am not going to change them. Especially when one thing is for charity and another is for an old friend near my parents' house. So it will be interesting to see how this week unfolds.

Meanwhile, I am going to go write some more addendum for this document and the attachments that will be late, but part of it. More from me this week for sure!!