Friday, October 07, 2005

cranky and tired

So I tried to broach the subject twice this week. Wednesday night is "date night" and before we got out of the car I mentioned that my girl-friend was coming up Friday to go out that night. No sooner had I said that did he begin spewing crap about this was the subject we were supposed to have a "discussion" about, and now he guesses there will be no discussion. I tried to discuss it and he abruptly got out of the car - conversation over.

Then last night after we came back from a movie, I mentioned something when we got home, saying there was something we were not talking about, that we were supposed to discuss. I said that I wanted to have a conversation where he and I were both participating in the conversation. He just clammed up and did not say anything else to me. Ball was in HIS court, not mine. So we didn't talk about it. And he went to work this morning, and I came to work. And I am dressed to go out, and my girl-friend is going to meet me here and we are leaving from here. So he will have to deal with it.

He is being such a schmuck that when I sent him a text that my weekly weight check came back and I am 1.4 pounds down, he did not even respond. Thanks for the encouragement.

I don't know what his hours are tomorrow, but hopefully I will not even have to deal with the silent treatment at all. I plan on getting out of the house as soon as I can after having a nice breakfast with my girl-friend. Maybe we can go out and hit the stores or something before heading up to our Saturday night plans. Then Sunday, whether he is working or not, I am going to my Sunday plans as well. I will probably leave my house by about 11:00-ish because it is a few hours away and I want some time to hang out and catch up before things start. I will get home late and we will not talk until Monday. So that should be "exciting".

I am writing a long letter to send to him. I think I will wait until this weekend is over. Leaving him with a bomb like that with no opportunity to talk to me about it would not be very considerate. However, going out with friends, contrary to what he would say, is not being INconsiderate, it is being social. I asked him to come to the Saturday and Sunday plans and he did not answer in the positive. I informed him weeks ago about all three things this weekend. He was not happy about it, but that does not mean I am going to change my plans. This is ridiculous. The more I think about it, the angrier I become. What is the goddamn problem with me going to hang out with friends for a weekend. I know they are friends that he doesn't hang out with, or gets bored doing what we do or whatever. But who the hell ever had a relationship where the two people did NOT have separate friends?! Sometimes when I talk to him about this, he makes me feel like I am the one being unreasonable, but I know I am not. I don't think I am. I know a couple who does not hang out with ANY of each others' friends. He knows her friends, but doesn't like them much, she knows his friends and gets along with them well, but doesn't hang out with them regularly. And they get by just fine. I don't understand why he is being this way.

Anyway, enough of that for one day. I have actual work to do, so off to do that.

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