Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am kind of annoyed this week at my s.o's half assed version of being responsible around the house.

He did laundry last night- his work clothing - but did not put anything in that I might need washed or ask me if I needed anything.

Then he calls me today to say he "messed up a little" with his work pants, by wearing them when he was spraying the deck with the deck wash WHICH CONTAINS BLEACH!!!! He washed them and now they have this section that looks sort of like there is lint or fuzz all across it, just lightly sprayed with bleach (which he washed after he got the bleach on them - rocket science). He asks if we can dye them. So I say yes, but not with Rit, which sucks and will fade and bleed, which he says he did not know. I tell him that whatever we dye with will likely bleed a little anyway, so he better be prepared to have some discoloration. Then he says he thought that the whole thing about dye was that it was permanent. I say yes, BUT that does not mean it will not bleed or fade at all. He mentions that maybe we can find something at the craft store like a fabric marker that we can use. I ask if he means to use whatever fabric marker on only those bleached spots and he says yes. I tell him that those spots could come out a different color than the rest of the pants. He suggests we test it first. Okay. When I ask where could we test it where it could not be seen, and he says on the INSIDE of the pants. Now I don't know about you, but most all denim that I have seen is one color on one side and another color on the other side. (It has to do with the weave of the fabric.) So at that point I give up and say we will figure something out.

Then I asked him why was he wearing his work pants to do that at all?! He said he was tired from work and wanted to get it done as soon as he got home.

So not only does he not think about the consequences of his actions when he does things, he then expects me to help fix them, AGAIN without thinking of the consequences. He doesn't want to HEAR about any possible negative outcomes, and he won't end up learning anything from the experience.

How the hell did I get here again?

That is like the Anti-ME. I am with a person who is my antithesis!

I am also supposed to go away this weekend to have fun. He is coming along and apparently so is my brother. That is a double edged sword there.

Because - YAY, I get to see my brother who I only see at best once every other month. But it also means that because of his long drive home, I will be forced to leave early Sunday rather than stay after to socialize. My s.o. is, of course, excited that my brother is coming, because they are like girlfriends together.

But the point here is that it just hinders MY FUN. And really that's what this is all about - MY FUN!!!!

I totally stole this entire blog entry from a ranting e-mail to one of my girl-friends. She will understand. I was writing my blog and didn't know it at the time.

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