Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mission Accomplished

So, I had a visit with my friend and we talked and all is well in friendsville now. I was correct about most of what I had posted about her feelings towards me. She was tired of the whining and complaining, tired of me never taking action on things that she felt needed action. And, yes, she is firmly planted in the "I don't trust him" section of the SO bleachers. However, she has agreed to try and not be so quick to judge things he does. I reassured her that there has been real progress and change in our relationship. I said that I truly believe that he got the message that I was ready to walk and that it shocked him into straightening up.

I think he is learning that if you keep the woman happy, it keeps the relationship happy. I know that is such a female chauvinistic thing to say, but I truly believe that. It's not that I think the woman should come first, or the man, for that matter. But if a man keeps a woman happy, he will be happy and THEY will be happy. That is the bottom line. And I think that my SO is finally on that path.

Anyway, we talked and then we went shopping for crafty stuff and walked around her town and got ice cream for us and my small furry companion, who seemed to get along ok enough with her larger furry companions. Then I had to get home to attend a celebratory thang for St. John wedding friend!

Got to drink for a while and blow off some steam. Then I went home, had some Taco Bell at 1:00 am and went to bed!

I have to say though, that if this rain does not stop soon, it is going to cause many a person to go postal on some people's asses!!!

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